Circular Fashion Games and Dutch Circular Textile Valley join forces to create circular solutions

The third edition of the Circular Fashion Games was specially developed for the Dutch Circular Textile Valley (DCTV), the textile icon project within the Dutch government’s Consumer Goods Transition Agenda. During the Games, changemakers work in multidisciplinary teams on challenges from ID&T, Texco and Design Hub GIST (For this hub, KIEMT, ArtEZ University of the Arts and Wageningen University & Research have jointly submitted a challenge) The teams will deliver solutions that are so concrete, that it offers the challenger organizations tools to take specific steps towards more circular solutions for their products and working methods.

Two weeks ago, the third edition of the Circular Fashion Games started. The ambitious group of 12 participating changemakers are an international mix of students from top universities, and (young) professionals with experience inside and outside the fashion and textile industry. They share the ambition to transform the current linear fashion system into an industry that is circular and future proof. With the Games, they use their creative thinking to come up with innovative and concrete solutions for the circular challenges that the challenger organizations have brought to the table.

The challenges of the companies


With an overwhelming track record within the electronic dance scene, ID&T’s sustainability CV is also becoming increasingly impressive. For the Circular Fashion Games, ID&T is looking for a circular solution for the single-use plastic rain ponchos that they hand out to visitors at the Mysteryland festival in the Netherlands. If successful, the ambition is to use the solution at other outdoor festivals of ID&T as well.


Texco a wealth of experience in the field of textiles, especially in the curtain industry. In this sector, some 24 million metres of fabric is used in the Netherlands every year. But circular solutions in this sector are scarce. Texco’s challenge is how to, as an importer, exporter and distributor of curtains, as one of the first links in the supply chain, offer customers circular solutions.

Circular Design hub GIST

The focus is on developing and scaling up (disruptive) innovations, such as the innovation of start-up CaffeInk. From coffee grounds, they make ink for paper – and with this technology, you can also dye textiles. The challenge for the Circular Fashion Games is to define and validate CaffeInk’s market positioning for dyeing textiles. Partners of GIST are the Wageningen University & Research, ArtEZ University of the Arts and KIEMT, which is an acceleration platform for energy and circular economy.

How will the participants create new solutions?

During two intensive bootcamps, the teams are guided in such a way that they arrive at concrete solutions for these challenges. The challengers can take them and bring them into their organization.

Niccy Kol, Lead Fashion & Challenge development: “To realize the transformation to a circular fashion and textile industry, we need to cooperate more and break through silos in the current supply chain. This requires a positive dynamic in which we believe that we will succeed and that people from different backgrounds will work together. Only then will we come up with ideas that are truly innovative and offer circular solutions. The Circular Fashion Games creates this dynamic.”

Previous editions’ outcomes

The past two editions have proven that the Circular Fashion Games offers participants a strong network. They also know where to find each other after the Games for knowledge, inspiration and to help each other in their mission to make the fashion and textile industry more sustainable and more circular. This strong network and the focus on collaboration and supply chain innovation make the Circular Fashion Games a catalyst for developments in the field of sustainable and circular fashion and textiles. Also, this edition for the Dutch Circular Textile Valley is designed to contribute to the bigger picture within the Dutch circular landscape.

Bootcamps, expertise and finals

This third edition of the Circular Fashion Games consists of two bootcamps, in which the 12 changemakers work on their challenge in three teams of four. They will be supervised and given master classes in circular design thinking and circular business modelling by experts such as Douwe Jan Joustra, Head of Circular Transformation, C&A Foundation, Han Hamers, Chief Executive Officer at, Jonna Haeggblom of and Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, Innovation Strategist and entrepreneur Circular Economy at Innoboost.

After the first bootcamp last weekend, the second bootcamp near Eindhoven will follow during Dutch Design Week from 18 to 20 October. The final of the Circular Fashion Games will take place in the ‘Witte Dame’ in Eindhoven on 25 October. One of the teams will be the winner.

About the Circular Fashion Games

Start Up Mix is the initiator of the Circular Fashion Games, which focuses on the transformation of the global fashion industry. It presents organizations’ circular challenges to multidisciplinary teams, who will work on innovative solutions. With a first successful edition in early 2018, a second edition followed in February 2019. For the current, third edition, the Dutch Circular Textile Valley has joined forces and the Games has entered into a partnership with the Sustainable Fashion Giftcard, which will soon be launched on the market. Two editions of the Circular Fashion Games in Shanghai and Los Angeles are in preparation. 

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