Circular Fashion Games and Dutch Circular Textile Valley

The Dutch government has committed to becoming circular by 2050, as a way to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and staying an innovative front-runner in the next decades as well.

An increasing amount of players in the Dutch fashion and textile industry want to lower their negative impact on the environment. The amount consumers opting in for sustainable options is rising! The Dutch Circular Textile Valley – a joint initative of Fashion For Good, Circle Economy, ABN Amro, MVO Nederland, Het Groene en Brein and Modint will support, enable and accelerate this development with the help of regional businesses and organisations.

What is the Dutch Circular Textile Valley?

For the transition of consumer-goods the acceleration team called Dutch Circular Textile Valley has been formed. They will work together to combine the knowledge, capacity and ambitions of the different DCTV hubs to create impactful initiatives, innovations and circular business models.

What are the DCTV hubs?

The Netherlands has been divided into four regions who have a history and vision for the future of textiles and fashion. These are:

Twente: fiber-recycling techniques

Arnhem and Wageningen: circular design and materials

Amsterdam: business and brand development

Tilburg: workwear

Circular Fashion Games and Dutch Circular Textile Valley

This third edition of The Circular Fashion Games is designed for the Dutch Circular Textile Valley and will combine young professionals, experts, organizations and an event-driven innovation process. The new ideas, strong networks and positive dynamics that will emerge from this will accelerate change and the DCTV’s agenda.

Force for innovation

The research, diversity and open space for discussion will form a solid foundation for powerful innovation. Under pressure for time and guided by experts, teams will work on the edge of their abilities and in a healthy competitive environment will be pushed to cooperation and creativity.

Supply chain cooperation

The structure of the Games creates a bond between challengers, participants and organisations based work ethics, professionalism and felt personal value and competence. This dynamic activates stakeholders and involves them in the collective, circular and innovative mindset.

New business models

During the whole pre-research phase and the games themselves, we train and coach the teams to experiment with different kinds of business models. This ensures the financial stability, feasibility and profitability of created concepts and boosts stakeholder engagement.

Developing, concretising and sharing knowledge

The Circular Fashion Games brings together vision, ambition, needs, collaboration and stakeholder pain points within the different hubs of the Dutch Circular Textile Valley in a short amount of time. By combining a diverse set of disciplines, we create multiple concepts and innovation timelines with actionable next steps. Stakeholders are actively involved and after the games the four visions and concepts are publicly presented in front of a jury of experts and thought leaders.

Circular FAshion Games call to action