Fourty students, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs from all different nations and backgrounds participated in the first edition of the Circular Fashion Games. These game changers have been fighting together over the course of eight days to create circular solutions to pressing sustainability challenges the Fashion Industry is facing.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being awesome. Astonished we are.

As we mentioned earlier; the real work starts after the games. The winner has been granted the Start Up Mix acceleration program to have real impact. Talking time is over.

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#1 LENZING – Lenzing Circularity Program: Educate, Motivate & Regenerate.

“An online tool will provide free for all access to knowledge of circular use of Lenzing fibers in apparel design, it evaluates design based on a recyclability scale and assigns score: If a certain score is raised, the garment would be eligible for Lenzing Take-Back scheme. Rewarding products – and its consumers – designed and produced within the circular guidelines.”

Sabine Silaraja, Jasper Roosendaal, Melissa Ortuno de León and Marijn Pronker


#2 Waste2Wear – Nozzle: Electrospinning for textile winning

“Pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems in the world. Therefore, Waste2Wear (W2W) is looking for ways to integrate other plastics besides PET and PP in the supply chain of textiles. Nozzle has found a way to do this through a technique called electrospinning.”

Justine Amelung, Jennifer de Jonge, Isabel Brenner & Rozanne Henzen


#3 Circle Economy CMI – Closet.Pal

“Our challenge is to provide a tool for users that promotes awareness of what is hiding in your closet and results in more conscious purchasing behavior.”

Lisette van der Maarel, Sabine Lettmann, Abeer Pervaiz 


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